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Buying property

On the day I confirm, do I need to sign anything?
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There is nothing you need to sign on the day a response to our email is all that is needed.

What is the latest time I can confirm on the day?
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We will need a response to our email on the day of confirmation by 4pm otherwise there is a risk the owner will cancel the agreement.

Can I pay the deposit early?
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It is not recommended, please do not pay this until we let you know it is confirmed.

Will you pay my deposit if I am using Kiwisaver?
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Yes, we will arrange this for you and let you know if we need any extra funds on the day.
PLEASE NOTE: You cannot pay your deposit with your Kainga Ora grant if you are eligible for this.

Do I need to notify the agent?
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Once you have confirmed let the agent know, but we will usually do this for you as well.

What do I do once this is confirmed?
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Please ask your broker or bank to issue the loan documents.

What is the next step once I have confirmed?
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The next step is to sign, we will contact you as soon as your loan documents are in with a booking link, simply book in a time that works for you and we will meet and sign before settlement.

Our fixed fees keep things simple, no surprises.

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